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Welcome to Ottawa Minor Hockey – the best online magazine when it comes to the local Ottawa Minor Hockey League.

The magazine was founded by John Kass, experienced athlete and coach of several minor hockey teams. John is passionate about sports, but more importantly about hockey. With this magazine, he aims to bring all the latest news to both athletes and parents.

John is joined by several talented athletes, developers and writers who are dedicated to providing the magazine’s readers with high-quality content. Together, they craft and tinker and cover everything you want to know about the latest news in hockey and Ottawa minor hockey.

Whether your child is playing and want to play pro, or if you just want to support the local minor hockey league, everyone is welcome here at Ottawa Minor Hockey.

Here’s a brief overview of things you can expect when you subscribe to our online magazine:

Latest Hockey News

Whether it is local, national or international, we cover it all. You can count on the team at Ottawa Minor League to keep you updated on all the latest hockey games, outcomes, athletes and so much more. Choose us as your go-to for all the latest hockey news.

Training and Health Tips

As athletes, we have a deep understanding of training and health requirements of hockey players. For this reason, we regularly publish some handy hockey training and health articles to ensure every young player is equipped to play the best he or she can.

Interesting Tidbits

From how hockey rules and lessons can be implemented in business, to typical uses for computers in the world of minor hockey, we cover just about anything. Keep your general knowledge sharp when you read an article published on Ottawa Minor Hockey.

Inspirational Guides

We are dedicated to shape and influence the pro hockey athletes of tomorrow. You can expect inspirational guides with how-to tips and advice for young athletes to up their game and become the athletes they dream to be when you subscribe to our magazine.

What are you waiting for? Join our online community and get all your hockey and minor hockey news right here! You can contact us to learn more about our magazine or if you would like to learn how you can subscribe.