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At Ottawa Minor Hockey, we believe in the power of community. That is why we are inviting all our readers to contribute to our magazine. There are several ways you can make your voice heard and contribute.

We believe that by including our readers in the process of publishing, we are promoting a tight-knit community of sports fans and hockey lovers. What better way to share and embrace y our love for the sport than be ensuring the longevity of our magazine?

Here’s a quick look at several ways you can contribute to our magazine.

Suggest Articles

Do you have a great idea for an article? We’d love to hear it! Simply contact us and share your ideas and we’ll be sure to include it in our next publication.

Donate Funds

You can ensure our magazine continues to deliver high-quality work by donating some money. This will go towards the magazine as well as anything needed by local hockey clubs.

Write and Submit an Article

If you are a bit of a lit buff, you can write your own hockey story and submit it to us for review. We’ll review it and let you know if it is acceptable to publish in the magazine.

Be sure to contact our team if you would like to learn more about different contribution processes and how to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you!